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#fizapathan The Poet

1. A Writer’s Vocation

2. Amour

3. They Say I’m A Fool

4. The Flame Will Always Burn

5. The Time Is Here

6. Mirror

7. No Guarantee

8. Since You Have Been Gone

9. Yet You Have Not Left Me

10. So This Is Love

11. You are The One I Want

12. I Am Your Amorata

13. You Left Me For another

14. The Day You Died For Me

15. But I Am Not Done With You

16. I Don’t Want You Back Again

17. Last Night I Drank Too Much Wine

18. Mother’s Warning

19. Save Me Saviour

20. Without Your Love

21. Misery To My Uncle

22. I Reside In The Land Of Zombies

23. Where Were You Lord?

24. The Art Of Love

25. The New Short Term Affliction

26. Woe To Our Love It Is No More

27. The Celestial Breeze

28. This Is The Sound Of My Veins

29. Dead Love

30. Will You Still Be There

31. The Corroding Lover

32. The Weeping Poet Of Suppressed Love

33. The Poet’s Song

34. I Will Love You Even After The Forever

35. The Arabian Daylight

36. Sacrilege

37. Stay Away From Me

38. The Wandering Lover

39. Run Away Lover

40. Pain

41. My Marriage Has Come To Pass

42. East Wind

43. Sing Of Our Love Again

44. Yes I Am Still In Love With You

45. The Beautiful Gardener

46. The Double Riddle

47. Come Safely Go Safely

48. My Dark Fantasy

49. Father, Mother And Children

50. The Poet In Pieces

51. The Monsoon Has Left Us

52. The Scholar’s Pen Nib

53. The Fifth Week Of Fever

54. The Scandalous Book

55. What Is Your Name

56. A Known Stranger

57. You Left Your Memory With Me

58. Captain Of Love

59. As We Forgive Those Who Are Indebted To Us

60. The Rich Householder

61. The Riddle Of The Insane Owl

62. You’ve Broken My Heart

63. Redden My Parched Lips

64. Last Moments Of Love

65. When You Were There With Me

66. The Dying Flame of Love

67. Feather Soft Love Lost

68. The Poet Lover

69.The Season of Love

70. The Yearning for Heat

71. I See You In My Dreams

72. The Careless Lover

73. Is is the Song of the Atmosphere

74. Jilted Lover

75. The Frozen Lover

76. Old Love Follows The Lover

77. A Prisoner of Eternal Adoration

78. The Intoxicated Lover

79. The Lover Remembers the Tragedy

80. Intellectual Poet

81. Withering Roses

82. Painful Love

83. Invisible Hands Embrace

84.The Night Sky

85. Rainbow Dreams

86. The Sorrowful Mirror


88. The Vicious One

89. The Imprisoned Lover

90. The Bed Of Heaven

91.  Season Of The Morning Star

92.  Frozen Love

93. Magical Realm Of Elves

94. Anguish Of Wrath

95. The Stench Of Love

96.  The Snake Parasite

97.  Love The Morning Sun

98. Say That You Love Me

One Comment
  1. Wow, this is a lot!!! Will go through them when i have time. Meanwhile, i will be on the look out for new posts :>

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