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#BookViral #Book Review of Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues

August 8, 2016

Book Viral VerdictAnother exceptional read from Fiza Pathan, Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues is recommended without reservation.


One of the hardest things for any author to acquire is a distinctive voice, but Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues puts Fiza Pathan in the category of those who have achieved it. A powerful, charming and above all honest read, it’s not one of those novels that can be reduced to naive labels.  With a pitch-perfect sense of character, this is a novel that’s bursting with life, energy, fears, and frustrations, one that neatly sidesteps trite and formulaic plotting and dives into the nub of Pathan’s overarching theme. Pathan respects the idiosyncrasies of her characters, suggesting as much as she tells, and encouraging us to identify with multiple points of view. In this respect it’s utterly convincing, with emotionally genuine gravitas, as we come to know Raman and Sunny. Great writing should pull readers through a portal to another life and this is exactly what Pathan does and in doing so reminds us, that irrespective of cultural identity, there are periods in life that aren’t so easily reconciled.

Verdict: Another exceptional read from Fiza Pathan, Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues is recommended without reservation.

My book has won the following awards:
The Mom’s Choice Awards® Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues is a Silver Award recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
2015 New England Book Festival- Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
2015 London Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
2016 Los Angeles Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winter 2016- Winner in Young Adult

It has also won critical acclaim from Readers’ Favorite, Authors Talk About It,
and Reader Views.

Readers’ Favorite: “This is a very deep book that deals with a multitude of woes for the tween age group: starting middle school, a child’s individuality, parenting choices, the ways teachers and educators choose to respond to students, jealousy, resentment, fear of change, bullying, defiance and disrespect. It offers real life situations showing these examples and talks about the good and bad things that can happen in each situation. It shows young readers how one might traverse these situations and the outcomes that can result when right and wrong paths are chosen. Overall, it is a very educational book that parents will feel good about their children reading.”- Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite.

Authors Talk About It: Raman and Sunny will touch your heart and open your mind.
“Readers need to get passed the first five or six chapters, then they will begin to discover the beautiful depth within the story. From sibling love to sibling rivalry, from bullying to friendship, from lackluster education to expansive and new study methods, Raman and Sunny is a story readers will remember! Well, worth your time, and a good read for middle schoolers.”

Reader Views:
Reviewed by Faryal Jabbar (age 14) for Reader Views (3/16)

“Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues” by Fiza Pathan is packed full of new perspectives and ideas. Some people, including myself, have the idea that all twins are in sync and always get along, a stereotype. Raman and Sunny however, have a rocky relationship challenged by their differences ever since the beginning of 6th grade. Sunny is a musical prodigy, cool and calm versus Raman, the sensitive sportsman. The ever-present middle school bully takes form in Amanda D’Sa and her girl goons, who love to see the twins squirm. The boys both strike, for and against each other, resulting in life changing consequences.Good or bad? You will have to read the book to find out. Raman’s best basketball friend Imran is writing a book, “Middle School Blues,” an interest that once was a pleasure for Raman before he made a wounding decision. As the story goes on Sunil Mendonca, the new teacher, brings new and innovative ideas that threaten the other teachers, who fear his example will make them have to work harder. Meanwhile Indian culture, family life, and middle school play subtly in the backdrop.

Pathan uncovers the unseen flaws in some education systems, the  struggle of middle school, and family life. The book has inspired me to change the way I think about learning and even read classic books, something I otherwise would never have thought to do. The exciting plot and small details make an intriguing and realistic story. I felt as if I was reading a true story because of the way Pathan incorporates culture and modern life into the story. The characters raw feelings and emotions were clearly felt, making them more readable and realistic. The different points of view give a better understanding of the story and characters. There are several climaxes, which enrich the story, although some transitions were a bit unclear.

I recommend this book for people 10 and older. Middle school students will enjoy it the most, but adults can learn from the messages in this story as well. If you like realistic fiction, dealing with growing up, or middle school, this book sums those ideas up nicely.

“Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues” by Fiza Pathan is a wonderful book that takes you on a small but, meaningful journey. Friendship, betrayal, resentment, culture, corruptness, family, and love fill the pages.

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Copyright 2016 Fiza Pathan


  1. Looking forward to reading this.

  2. I am looking forward to reading it.

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