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#Poem CRONOMETRADOR -Priyal Panchal

May 1, 2016



Winds circumference the circle of night
At tangent lies the unity of daylight

Each star, a center, shines its part
To be sucked invisible in the aftermath

Dance they till the spill of the hue
Waiting then till again sky draws blue

Womb shelter the sun finds there
Re-birthed moon metamorphoses where

A first kiss of intersecting circles
Sings random notes of breath pearls

Stringed underground the sky’s torso
On the horizon of the day’s shadow

A prologue to the geometry of 24×7
Written in stories of hell and heaven

The same old truth, perpetual nonsense
Propels the day and night to commence

“Tomorrows to come will hold echoes of today, won’t they?”

Copyright -Priyal Panchal

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