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#Poem ABSORBEFACIENT: Priyal Panchal

April 13, 2016


An ink-kissed author

has lesser things to bother

some things mandatory,

while some coming handy.

An inkpot of ideas,

a nib of words,

a flow of emotions –

blue, green, red, purplish, black,

dark, grey, insolvent –

a rhythmic flick of fingers

tuning a thought that lingers,

an unclenching fist

and an unquenchable thirst,

an unrestricted burst

of poetry

oozing out of every blob

that stains –






reminds –

For the love of ink,

an ink-kissed author

estranges    -self-    soliciting    -solitude-    in turn.

Copyright © 2016 Priyal Panchal

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  1. readerviews permalink

    Fiza, what a beautiful poem. Loved it!
    Susan Violante – Managing Editor for Reader Views

    • Thank you, Ma’am. Will convey your message of appreciation to my guest blogger, Priyal Panchal.

    • Priyal Panchal permalink

      Thanks a lot Susan Violante.

  2. Wonderful words. Very clever. Hugs, Barbra

    • Priyal Panchal permalink

      Thank you. Glad to know you like it Ma’am. -Priyal

    • Priyal Panchal permalink

      Thank you for those kind words Barbra. Hugs and kisses 🙂

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