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#Poem My Stolen Heart by Michaelangelo Zane

March 3, 2016


I was like an empty soul moving around this world on my own,

Until I saw you girl with all that sadness in your dying eyes.

I fell into a spell and it is true something came over me,

I wanted to keep you smiling forever for you stole my heart.

Beautiful woman with your fading flame of old in your soul to keep forever,

Is there a bit of place there for me too to shine upon your life together?

It isn’t this easy to travel the road of quiet solitude alone,

So make room for me sweet little one and let us find solace in my love.

Girl you are fighting with the past and you can’t lift yourself towards the future,

But maybe together something will turn out right at least for the present.

You do not trust me princess of my manhood but you contradict yourself,

For if you didn’t have faith in me why did you steal my heart and make it yours?

Stolen heartbeats at the doors of your silent vigil for dead love forgotten,

Open these doors and let me in to also kneel down before your sanctuary.

You say there is no room for a person like me in your dark night,

If so then give back my poor bleeding heart as I need to heal its wounds.

You ask me what wounds could be there on a heart of stone as mine?

Well that rock was melted by the tears that you shed in my arms last night.

Petite timid one don’t slave too much to give yourself unearned pain,

Hold my hands and I will carry you along the narrow way that you thread.

But the narrow way is for only one soul dipped in the spirit so pure,

But the truth is that now there is no ‘you’ or ‘me’ just ‘we’.

You ask how it is possible that two can become one without touch.

You forgot again girl you forgot my heart that you stole away from me.

And what is a heart my lovely lady but my life in a small shell of emotions,

Take this shell with you as you go along your rough road and I’ll always be there.

So now make your decision woman the queen over my stolen heart,

If you wish to go on alone then please try to return my stolen heart.

Copyright © 2016, Michaelangelo Zane

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