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#Poem Emotions for You: by Fiza Pathan

February 23, 2016


Many people have turned around my life to where it’s going now,

I ignore the ones with slander & cradle in my tender moments of a happy day.

But you were different & so I have a myriad of emotions for you,

It hurts to admit the truth but I’ve been turning my life around my emotions to get over you.

No one will know about the feelings of our mutual affinity of old,

You’ve forgotten me but this heart still bleeds a drop or two to set my whole body aflame for you.

I’ve been mourning enough but yet this torturing gets better when I see your face in the moonlight hour of silence,

I wish I could just be consumed by the flame of our love that singes my living every day.

For darling I still love you even it has been almost ten years,

When you walked out of my life but left the door ajar for wild speculations from my heart to still creep.

Let everyone say I’m crazy but I’ll still cling on the torch of our immortal love,

I won’t let it go out of style as long as you can still give me pain which I have come to seek peace in.

I rather crumble into pieces every day when I hear your name,

Rather than going on life empty without the memory of your love beating in the recesses of my infinite self.

I still have your number & the flowers you gave me as we courted for a while,

I have burnt the letters in the hasty past but I have a bit of your scrawls on a few pages that I carry everywhere with me.

Yes it is true that I still have emotions raging in my being for you every waking hour,

And when I am asleep at night the dreams of your smiling face makes me cry.

The funny thing is that I know exactly where to find you physically,

I know where you stay & it is not far from where I abode in tearful daze.

I’m still in love with your madness even though it has alienated me from the crowd,

But you are ever silent & tranquil so I sink into the past all the time.

Yes I have emotions for you even till this day my dear sweet one with the guitar,

I still have the books which we read together & the songs that we recorded on many CDs.

My empty heart is aching for your love & tender touch to shatter my crying,

You have no emotions for me anymore but that does not hold true for me.

For as long as I live I will go through this morbid thought,

That a lance from your chest pierced my breast & sunk itself deep into the chambers of my heart.

And if anyone still asks me whether I am in pain I will tell them confidently with a smile,

I still have a number of conflicting emotions for you.

Copyright © 2016, Fiza Pathan

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