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#Poem Heart Break in the U.S.A: by Fiza Pathan

February 16, 2016


He left me and was gone for his degree to the U.S.A,

I could stay not a minute so I pined for him who was in the U.S.A;

Then the years went by with no emails from the U.S.A,

So I packed my bags and ran away to the U.S.A.

But I got a heart break when I reached there in the U.S.A,

My old love had found another woman in the U.S.A;

He belittled me in front of her and her friends in the U.S.A,

I couldn’t believe how he had changed being in the U.S.A.

I beseeched him to return back to his homeland from the U.S.A,

But he said he had earned his respect in the U.S.A;

He remained silent as I cried outside his dorm in the U.S.A,

And then he just told me to go home and left me on the street in U.S.A.

A heart breaks so real it throbbed in my throat back in the U.S.A,

I was a girl lost on the streets without her lover in the U.S.A;

He tore my being into shreds and scattered them in the winds of U.S.A,

He wanted that woman he lusted for down there on his bed in U.S.A.

I wanted to cry my eyes out until I was bloodshot in the U.S.A,

So I got into a bar and had myself by a bottle of whisky down in U.S.A;

As I drank my head grew heavy but my heart grew lighter in U.S.A,

I wept for lost love as I listened to the beat of the music of U.S.A.

Heart break is fatal for your safety in the U.S.A,

I was robbed while I got myself drunk in a bar down in the U.S.A;

I wanted my love to help me, who had deserted me for the U.S.A,

But reality checked up on my illusion and I lost it all in U.S.A.

My heart was broken into shards that cut my senses in the U.S.A,

The coldness of my lover froze me in the hot summer of the U.S.A;

I shrieked as I tried to collect myself but I was lost in the U.S.A,

I slept on the steps of a church that night all alone somewhere in U.S.A.

The chaplain found me a foreign soil alighted on his steps in the U.S.A,

I was dumbstruck and only my tears brimmed my misery in the U.S.A;

He called the police who he thought would help me in U.S.A,

The siren was heard in the distance near that church in U.S.A.

I was sent to a shelter in the suburbs of the U.S.A,

They drugged to talk me out of my woes through my veins in the U.S.A;

Heart break is a terrible trauma when you are alone in the U.S.A,

Thus my days go on by far away from my home down in an alien U.S.A.

Copyright © 2016 Fiza Pathan

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