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#BookAward “S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories” – 2015 AAA Book Festival

November 9, 2015

I am delighted to announce that my very first book S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories, placed in
the 2015 Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival. It was a named RUNNER-UP in the Spiritual Category.

SOS Animals And Other Stories (1)

To give you an insight into my book, I quote three reviews:
Father Joshan Rodriques, writing a review for the Examiner, Mumbai (November 3, 2012) wrote:
“SOS Animals and other Stories is a beautiful expression of faith through the eyes of a believer, in a manner both different and unique. The language is simple and lucid, yet enticing and appealing at the same time. The book can be used as a veritable resource book for catechesis and moral development. The stories in this book can also be used as a simple read for daily reflections.”

Author Margaret Virany, reviewing the book on Amazon (October 6, 2013) wrote:
“With a bare cast of animals and humans, primal settings and exquisite imagination, Fiza Pathan weaves 22 timeless fables of moral values. Each one is like a puzzle, with the author never failing to come through at the end with a neat, relevant aphorism. Sometimes references to the real world are Biblical; other times they recall the Titanic or Michael Jackson. The book is short, light, beautifully written, touching and original. A little mysticism is added as Pathan illuminates her own earnest, Christian journey to lead a more perfect life. At age 23, Pathan of Mumbai, India is an author to watch. I was delighted by this creation of intriguing tales, suitable for readers of all ages.”

But the review that brought a tear to my eye and a choke in my throat, was by a parent and appeared on
Amazon UK. To quote:
“I bought this book for my 10 year old son who struggles to keep a book in his hands. After he’d read a few of the stories, I asked him what it was like. He looked up, smiled and started, without prompting, to tell me about one of the stories. I then watched his face as he continued to read on; smiles came and went and now-and-again, I was asked the meaning of some words. This book had my son reading with enthusiasm!!! Thank you Fiza, that is a great achievement.
The stories are very well written, and encourage the young reader to comprehend what they are reading.
This book comes highly recommended!”

The book blurb is quoted below:
How did the animals aboard the Titanic save themselves? How did a lion save Christians in distress? Can dolphins pray for the dead and can a snake solve a riddle? Do last wishes come true and is there really a Santa Claus? Can animals lie like human beings? Why did barn animals enter a mall? All these and other questions, including a mystical story, are answered in the book S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories, in a manner never narrated before.

My book has won the following awards:
In the 2015 Holiday Book Festival, the book received Honorable Mention in the WILD CARD Category.
In the 2015 Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival, the book was declared RUNNER-UP in the Spiritual Category.

The revised version of the book (December 2014) was edited by Margaret Langstaff of and the beautiful cover was designed by Laura Wright LaRoche of LLPix Photography and Design.

Copyright Fiza Pathan 2015

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  2. Thank you, Sir. Appreciate your support. 🙂

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