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Domestic Violence by Suman Simon

February 18, 2015

Domestic Violence
by Suman Simon


I am honoured to have this opportunity to be a part of Miss Pathan’s venture to spread awareness about various social issues .The topic I have chosen to speak on in today’s article is that of Domestic Violence. Let us take a look.

According to Wikipedia, Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviour which involves , violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic  context against another , such as in marriage or cohabitation.

Well frankly speaking, the above is just a pretty way of putting domestic violence. Aching bodies, multi coloured wounds of various types , blood , physical and psychological trauma and in some cases death , that in fact is the real face of the monster called Domestic Violence. Around 70% of women in India are victims of Domestic Violence and it’s observed far openly into the lower strata of people than in the higher strata of people. Almost 53% of women have NO knowledge of the “Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act” which is very sad.

Every Morning my maid has her tales from the ‘basti’ she lives in, and every other day she recites to us , how one of her friends was beaten up by her husband or even her elder children . It leaves me wide  eyed and horrified but , Laxmi my maid is rather at ease , she has and so have her friends accepted it  as one of the bye products of being married into the lower strata  of people . On some occasions Laxmi herself shows up to work puffy and red eyed , beaten and rather horrid looking and there are days , when she comes to work , just to get away from the horrid memories of the previous night , only to return to them later the same night . I  have been privileged enough to observe the live of slum dwellers  closely, and I have observed that , the way they live , their attitude towards life and the society around then all seem oblivious to Domestic Violence as a crime or something unnatural but brush it off by calling it “ghar ka mamla ” or a household matter.

Picture this , a small dingy little room , a woman in her 20’s is preparing food and waiting for her husband  to return , the clock strikes eleven thirty pm , and a very drunk man barges into his forty eight square foot home and shouts to his wife to prepare food for him while he changes into his night clothes , and while walking into the house he manages to drop a utensil , which  wakes up  the sleeping newborn , the shrieking cries if the baby irritate him and in an instant his belt is in his hand and he is pelting his wife and cursing her while asking her why she couldn’t put the baby to sleep before he arrived , and why wasn’t his food ready for him to eat and he keeps whipping her mercilessly . Along with the baby’s wailing   , belt on skin and the painful and helpless shrieks of a woman can now be heard throughout the neighbourhood. This goes on till he gets too tired to belt her anymore and then flops down and snoozes off soon enough. The woman after the assault is now bleeding from her back , hands  ,her face is bruised , swollen , her blouse and saree are torn up , she is suppressing her cries so as to not disturb the husband , the pain unbearable ,she moves and taking her crying baby , she feeds it , and puts it back to sleep, the house is still again , the stove still burning , she can’t sleep  , she sits in one corner awake wide eyed with a horror stricken face waiting and wishing that her husband wakes up  in normalcy.

I believe, we are in the hour of awakening, and that NOW is the time to make a lasting impression. We all speak of Women Empowerment, I guess it’s time we put our words into action. The story I mentioned here is that of Savita when she was just a year into her new marriage back in 2009. She lived in the famous Dharavi slum in Mumbai , her husband was  a field labourer for the MCGM and the story is almost identical for the other women in her slum as well. You  must be thinking why didn’t  she leave then and there , well she did leave in the morning while her husband was at work but returned back in the evening , when she went back to her maternal home her mother refused to take her back and explained to  her that there isn’t much they can  do in bettering the situation and suggested that she take better care for the husband and that she try and not do anything to make him mad at her . You see after she has been married off, she is then the responsibility of her husband, after which he can do as he pleases with her and no one will question him . That is the sorry state of women in our country .Let us start here.

Today the very same Savita, is a working mother separated from her husband after  seeking help from an NGO, and after some years of rehabilitation , she now helps other victims of domestic violence to get back their lives and on their feet.

Let us change the way we think, and let us DO the actions as we are meant to as humans. If you hear a story don’t shrug it off, offer help, help them lead the life they deserve, and just maybe because of your help you may save their life.

Let us empower with our Actions.

Copyright © 2015 Suman Simon

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  1. Thank you for helping to raise awareness on this most important topic. Blessings to the brave Savita and to her good work in India. My prayers to all in need.

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