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Giveaway Completed: NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom

September 15, 2014

Giveaway Completed: NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom

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The Goodreads Giveaway of my book NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom has ended.
In all 914 people entered. The three lucky winners have been announced by the Goodreads Team.
They are:

Maricris Sison
Pampanga 2000 PH

Firdaus Muttaqin
Bengkulu, Indonesia/Bengkulu/Sumatera
38125 ID

Benoit Detry
Montreal, Québec,

I thank of the participants who wholeheartedly supported this giveaway.
The contest was open to Goodread readers in all the listed countries.
I especially extend a warm thank you to the Goodreads Team who conducted
the Giveaway so smoothly and also  chose the winners.

I congratulate all the winners. They can expect the book within two to three weeks.
The book is being directly despatched through Amazon USA.

With warm regards
Fiza Pathan

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

  1. Congrats Fiza…I am looking forward to grab a copy too. Will update you. good wishes 🙂

  2. Congratulations to them 🙂

  3. I’m sorry I missed this announcement, but I do look forward to reading your book, Fiza!

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