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#Poetry ‘Blood Letters’ by Fiza Pathan

August 30, 2014

Blood Letters


I still have your letters & I read them every day,

Tears fall from my eyes & I don’t know what to say.

Blood letters are the parchments for they are stained crusted dark red,

I missed you so much then so I wished I was dead.

I looked for a knife but it was not that sharp so I picked the scissors,

Then I twisted it round my wrists till bright blood glimmered.

I gagged as I saw the puddle on the floor,

I was determined to end my life because I could not take it anymore.

The ruddy drops spilled on your love letters as I cut into myself,

I heard the lies in the letters you wrote all by yourself.

I did feel pain & a cold sensation but what of it you had left me,

I grew morbid when you were with her & I thought how could it be?

You said to burn the letters in the fire for you did not want me now,

I kept the letters even after your betrayal ever wondering how.

Blood letters stained with the red ink of true love,

The doctor attended & wondered what red wounds tainted a dove?

I lay in the hospital reading your letters,

Crying in sobs for the lady who was my better.

You masqueraded your amour & left me ink,

I from that day forward always drank from the sorrowful red drink.

Blood letters of pain & separation was my gift after loving you,

Blood letters were my holy relics of my love so true.

I roam the earth now with gashes on my wrists so pale,

People who see them wonder what was my woeful tale.

I count the days now to my end,

As there is no hope for me my life is not going to bend.

In your blood letters stained with veins droplets,

Will I see your face & continue to dish out these couplets.

 Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

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From → Literature, Poetry

  1. Poignant and intense

  2. subzeroricha permalink

    How romantic.. and touched a chord somewhere in my heart..


  3. “Blood letters stained with the red ink of true love,

    The doctor attended & wondered what red wounds tainted a dove?”

    Wonderful expression Fiza… 🙂

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