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BEAUTY OF LIFE- by Sharan Abhinay Rajapurmath

August 6, 2014





What is life?

L – Love

I – Interest

F – Fun

E – Enjoyment

Although life is full of such kind of things life turns out to be bitter…

Bitter and sweet and are the elements in life which go hand in hand. At some point of time someone or the other has to pay the price of their doings because no one in this world is immortal. So it depends on whether she/he want to live happily now and suffer later or put in a bit of hard work now and enjoy life to its fullest extent.

It’s a race for superiority… some people become a rabbit at the start of the race but end sleeping under the tree after gaining satisfaction, whereas being a tortoise you tend to take the right steps at the right time so after you cross the half-mark of life you will be seen going past all others… this is the time when you should realize that you have taken a step closer to be god in real life. Even god when he had taken human life was not spared; he also was made to do impossible tasks for a human being. Infact he was just an ordinary homosapien like you and me.

At some point of time there may be humongous problems that come your way. It is wise to tackle such kind of problems with the least amount of energy spent because there may be many such problems which may come your way similar to the earlier one or who knows maybe a greater one. During such situations its best you share your problems with someone. It may be your parents, friends, anyone as a matter of fact. When you share your problems with someone your heart feels lighter and makes the right decisions, because it’s your heart which is always truthful and loyal to you. After all it’s a muscle in your body.

When life gives you a problem you need to be strong, and face it back with a smile and show it some attitude that you are the best and you are not scared of anything which life throws at you. This is because you have the most lethal weapon of life──trust and friendship. Together these two form a deadly combo for a combat anytime, anywhere. So next time when life will try to do something to you it will think twice and this is what will give you happiness throughout your life.

Being smart is all that is required in life. We are just like our planet earth which revolves around the sun in orbits; we too have a well defined life bound by rules. Similarly mans fate is decided by the path he chooses. If the path is outside the well defined set of rules then there is a hundred percent chance of collision which would take place. So one always has to be thankful to all the people, things and various things that have made up your life because life is the most beautiful thing god has given you and your parents. Everyone’s special in their own way they just need to start the engine of life.

I know this is an old thought but it’s the UGLY TRUTH OF LIFE… Cheers.

Copyright 2014 Sharan  Abhinay Rajapurmath

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  1. Madhavi Garikaparthi permalink

    The biggest, smallest and the best lessons of life come from life itself…. Great one Sharan…keep it up..!

  2. Awesome

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