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Is this what literature is all about? by Atal Narayan

August 3, 2014

Is this what literature is all about?
By Atal Narayan



There is a lot of talk going about who deserves to write and who doesn’t. Well, not everyone can be a Shakespeare or a Blyton or for that matter a Rowling. Some people are passionate about writing, some write about their interests. Some write out of love. And some write because they excel at their art.

People rate blogs on the basis of the vocabulary they see. They are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Those who rate blogs on the basis of their vocabulary, have no clue what language is all about.

Language is the tool used to communicate. However good your linguistic skills are, if the other person cannot understand what you are trying to convey there is no meaning in your vocabulary being so good.

And for the second thought, who gives you the right to criticize others? Who are you? Is there a big difference between them and you?

My guess is that the people who criticize others are insecure about themselves. They themself have zero talent. And by zero, I mean Zilch──absolutely nothing──born to do nothing. So the best thing they can do is ensure they ruin another’s talent.

So listen up guys. And listen real well. Believe in yourself. You don’t need to be the next Shakespeare or Blyton or for that matter a Rowling.

Being you is your biggest gift. Being you is the best thing you can do. I really doubt someone can be You better that You! As long as you believe in yourself and your talent, the sky is the limit my friends.

In the world, there will be plenty of such people waiting to pull you down. But it’s only when you think or worry about what they think about you, that’s when your will to live is over.

Copyright 2014 Atal Narayan

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  1. So true. thanks for this much needed Boost & insight, Good wishes Atal.
    Ty for sharing this Fiza.

    • Thank you so much for encouraging my students & your constant support & valuable insights 😀

      • Yes Fiza, it’s my pleasure to read them all, they are so wonderful like their teacher Fiza :-). I learn also with these interactions, Good wishes to you all.

    • Thank you miss your time and your precious comments.

  2. Kiran K. permalink

    Optimistic, believing in the true potential. Though, I think sometimes ‘constructive’ criticism is necessary to be able to improve. Also, by standing strong in front of criticism. Helpful and needed, thank you for this post Atal.

  3. saloni permalink

    It’s so true Atal.It is simple and true.

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