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Afraid: by Jhillika Panchal

August 2, 2014

Afraid: by Jhillika Panchal


It should not have been this day of the year,
When all unwanted turn into fear. 

Well, I’m just a bit afraid,
Since my life recently, has been too great. 

I know I’m not broken in as yet,
And you’re still along I’d bet. 

But, nights haunt when it turns into fear from rage,
I hope we’re on the same page. 

I shouldn’t be afraid,
Inspite, of it engulfing me off late. 

I believe you’d stay the same,
Till I’d steal your last name. 

I am still too afraid,
Seeing my life so great. 

You being away gets me off guard,
I’ve been trying to fake-smile so hard. 

There was no other way to let you know,
So I tried to give this a go. 

To say that I’m afraid to realise,
Although our fate away did God finalise. 

We’ve turned it true from a dream,
Our life’s too good to be real. 

The thought’s getting me off the rail.
Yes! It’s getting me too afraid.

Copyright 2014 Jhillika Panchal

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  1. Kiran K. permalink

    Loved the flow of the poem. Emotions jumped up from the words.

  2. Fear… we certainly feel too much of it.

  3. Nicely expressed…straight from the heart… 🙂

  4. jagriti permalink

    Bravo jhillika. Loved ur poem. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jhillika permalink

    Thanks 🙂

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