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Let It Go by Jasmine Asrani

July 28, 2014

Let It Go

By Jasmine Asrani


I am a well-established engineer who works for a company in Mumbai. I get a decent salary and I am able to live my life in an independent way. I really love my job. My job starts at 12 noon and gets over at 4pm. I return home and have the rest of the day to myself.

One such day, I was tired. I grabbed a bunch of lays and I started listening to songs on my iPod. It was on shuffle. After a few songs were over the song “Let it go” started to play from the movie “Frozen”. This song made me sink into deep thoughts about my past. When I heard the song I was reminded of my friend Anita Khan. Anita was a very good friend of mine in tenth-grade. We used to love each other’s company. We used to study together, play together, share secrets with one another and what not. Anita and I were great fans of Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber. We used to sing their songs everyday at school. It used to be annoying to people around us but we did not care. One of our favourite tracks was “Let it go”.

Time passed and we cleared our tenth-grade exams. While Anita went to a boarding school in Bangalore I continued in an ISC school in Mumbai. We stayed in contact. We used to meet whenever she used to be back to Mumbai. We stayed in contact through Facebook too. After completing the twelfth-grade I did my degree in Mechanical engineering while Anita went to the US to do her major in mathematic. For the first one year we stayed in contact but after that those emails, Skype and Facebook chats became less. It wasn’t just from her side. I too had become preoccupied with studies and hence those contacts became less frequent. We now occasionally send emails to each other. She is now teaching mathematic in a prestigious university in America. Our relationship however, is not like it was in tenth-grade.

Sometimes in order to become successful in life we tend to give less time to ourselves and the people around us. We are so keen to make our future bright and secure that we are not able to give our dear ones time. This is a part of life and everybody in this world experiences it and we should not sit and mourn about it. Sometimes we have to just “let it go”. Though Anita and I don’t talk a lot now, we share beautiful memories, memories which make us smile. Smile like the way I’m smiling right now while listening to “let it go.”

Copyright 2014 Jasmine Asrani

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