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‘Why Me’ by Shantanu Seth

July 26, 2014

Why Me by Shantanu Seth


The momentary silence was broken. The air was filled with shrieks and cry of a young boy in the desert. There was nobody to listen to what he wanted to say. All alone the boy looked up at the sky screaming towards the heaven, in a choked voice asking ‘why’?? Besides him lay his dead father, who died protecting him from the war which they didn’t want to be a part of, having already lost his mother in a bomb blast. All that the boy could do was shout as loud as possible taking out all his frustration on losing his precious father saying “why me”??

Today stars like George Clooney, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, etc., are quite famous and the world is always aware about their doings───what they do, all gossip. If Selena Gomez breaks up with Justin Bieber, the news goes viral and within minutes the entire world is aware of their breakup via Facebook or television or any other medium. What do these celebrities have that their lives are so important and so much talked about? Have you ever wondered about the soldiers guarding your country? Who are they or where they come from?

The plain answer would be no why──because they are not good looking, famous or rich? What is that they lack? What is it about them that their lives are never discussed? The hardship they go through to make sure we all have a peaceful sleep, while they are exposed to dangers from all the corners of the world. Don’t they have a family to live for? So should not importance be given to them?

Let us talk about the affairs in our own world. When we have problems in our lives we often wonder why we have problems or what we can do to face them. Ever wondered the same for those people stuck in Ghaza or Palestine? The story above about a boy losing his father is devastating. Think how you would feel if you lost the person who raised you? After all what had the boy done, to lose his father? If I were to ask our general public about how many people are aware of current affairs in Israel, the number would be very few!!! But if I were to ask the same public about football or any sports for that matter or games or anything else I would get many answers. Now why does this happen? Why are the people of our country not more aware of current affairs? An argument can be put forward saying we need not be aware about all happenings. I would agree, but the percentage of people knowing the entire fight between Israel and Palestine would be very small.

Okay let’s forget about our people not being aware of this entire situation.What about our government? Four Indians captured by ISIS and an entire family in Libya abducted! Why have those Indians not been brought back home? Our country cannot provide employment to our own people, so they go out in search of work, so who is to be blamed?

Getting back to the topic “why me”, we often use this phrase when we are in some sort of trouble, problem and often condemn ourselves that we are the ones to always face problems. Now have you ever wondered what the people stuck in Israel and Palestine are going through? They face death every day; it’s like death is roaming around them picking an individual. The motive for these people stuck would be to survive each day rather each second of their lives. It’s a fact──one child in Ghaza, one of the hotspots of the current war, dies every hour. Such an astonishing fact and the total death till now are more than 2500 and still counting. So like the boy who lost his father as narrated initially by me, would you want to say ” why me ” when you face a problem which is nothing when compared to the crisis faced by the people stuck in Israel or held hostage by ISIS.

The other shameful thing is what contribution has my country made to initiate peace between the two hostile groups? Nothing! Shocking, because since our country believes in peaceful settlement should we not try to broker peace? Our politicians are only talkers; all they want is to win elections and then loot the people of their money. Why has not our government initiated some sort of help to the people out there or to calm things down between the two hostile groups? There are militant groups like ISIS which have captured woman and have ordered genital mutation which means the removal of their genitals. It is said up to 4 million women could be affected by this kind of atrocities subjected on them.

You might ask what can we do for these people stuck in the war? Simple thing is to ask the government to take action and rescue these people or to contribute so that the money can be used to buy food for them. Just compare your life with theirs. They have to live in constant fear of losing their lives; that amount of fear is enough to drive anybody mad. Secondly they have fear of losing their family members. Many families have been shattered, innocent blood spilt. When we sit down at night to have our meal with our family, we are lucky enough because for those people it’s not sure whether they will either get to eat food or if they do, will they lose their family members. In a way life is hellish for them in comparison with our lives which seem heavenly to them. So whose problem is greater, their or ours? It’s not the phrase “why me” I am against. It’s the attitude towards the problem. It’s that feeling of helplessness and being able to do nothing despite living in the modern advanced era.

A fraction of you will argue why should we care when our country is not going through turmoil? We humans have this negative attitude that we don’t care about a problem until we face it ourselves. Imagine for a moment that you are living in Israel, where bombs are being dropped every day, bullets being fired. Its noise is enough to give you chills if you were to face it. Think days passing without you eating food, not being able to sleep on proper beds, not being able to wear fancy clothes or enjoying time with family but rather leading a very cold life, full of fear and wondering what have you done to deserve such kind of punishment or cursing yourself ” why me.” It might be difficult for you to imagine it now, god forbid but someday if you were to face the same situation then only will you realise what luxury you really live in.

What I am trying to imply is that we should face our problem without cribbing and pray for those people, because it does not hurt to pray, a minute each day for the well being of those people stuck in war or the soldiers fighting the war. It won’t cost you to pray for someone. People spend much of their time wasting it away on frivolous things, but a minute’s prayer will help you save some lives. If possible try to gather funds to help those people stuck in the war, and hope that this current war will be over and that different government bodies all over the world will unite to put an end to this war. In the end let’s pray for the people of this world, in hopes that this world will become a better place tomorrow.

Copyright 2014 Shantanu Seth

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  1. It strikes me that we’d be better off if we voted our Governments in to run the country but took away from them the rights to declare war. We can continue to have armies and claim hey’re for defense but really it’s just to give them employment and without wars there will be more money available.
    Just think, no more Hitlers. In every country we will separate Church and State so that there will be no more laws declaring it necessary to mutilate our womenfolk.
    Education becomes mandatory as does the building of adequate housing and building wells and medical centres. Politicians found to be siphoning aid money or Government funds will be sacked, jailed and fined.
    All Governments must be elected by the people and must be re-elected every 4 years and those elections will be monitored. No more handing the reins of Government from father to son in a Political dynasty.
    Pipe dreams or can it happen one day with the will of the people of peace?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I like the thought.Youth plays a major role.A more aware youth all over the world equals elimination of such issues and restoration of peace.

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