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Flesh of Flesh (Short Story) by Fiza Pathan No 1 Bestseller in UK

May 19, 2014

What can I say! I’m so excited that I am speechless.

A big THANK YOU to my readers in UK.


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00007]

Book Bio: Thakur Vijay Singh Rathod was one of the richest political businessmen in Mumbai. He was revered by his wife, Savitri, who wanted to give him a son, the heir to his inheritance. But fate decreed otherwise. This is a story of Thakur Vijay Singh Rathod, a proud and ruthless man, his wife Savitri – religious and completed devoted to him, his offspring, and his abandoned child. (4824 words)

Update: Review by Lucie Novak (Amazon Verified Purchaser)  Rating: 4.0

Great but I want more! I really liked this story, it is well written and very interesting.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 23.22.23


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  1. What great news, well done and keep it up! Thanks for liking my blog and following, many blessings Charles

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