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#Poetry ‘Return To Me My Heart’ by Fiza Pathan

April 30, 2014

Return To Me My Heart
By Fiza Pathan


I remember my agony every time
I see your face in my nightmares
which once used to be part of my sweet dreams.
Your name is etched upon my chest with a blade
so red with blood as if the liquid poured out in surprise
to see me worship a human to adoration.
But now the tide has risen and the dead
have been cremated with their bones
─ and you don’t love me anymore.
Yet how am I to forget those moments
so tender when you were there with me
─ my soul’s true guide.
Now blue skies cover my horizon
and the mission of my life
has been drowned in a pool of blood.
Remember the time I chased heaven
away from our embrace
so that we could be alone?
It was my mistake dearest lover
for ignoring the cries of eternity
for it is true now
─ you don’t love me anymore.
I observe couples in embrace wherever I go
and the stitches upon my chest ache
in throbbing pain which is the agony of separation.
Why did you let me down dearest lover
when I bared my blood stained ribs to you?
You just ate my ribs and threw away
the bones to the vagabond dogs
which hurt me more than any dissection could.
Now where have you taken my heart dearest lover?
I need my heart back to pump fresh blood into it.
More than life I adore my only heart,
living without it has made life very difficult for me.
Return my heart so small and yet full
of overbearing emotions dearest lover
─ I can’t sleep at night
without the thumping beats of my heart
which put me to sleep
in the slumber of the anguishing lover.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan
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