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#Poetry ‘Your Memory I Shall Treasure’ by Fiza Pathan

April 22, 2014

Your Memory I Shall Treasure

By Fiza Pathan


Last night I dreamt of you again, old lover
your smile was still bright as the noon day sun
inspite of the lapse in years.

Your laughter was still my greatest treasure
even after so many years, but then my eyes opened
and the dream dimmed itself
back into my unconscious thoughts.

But you are still with me dearest old lover
just like the pollen grain so yellow
upon the stigma of a dainty flower.

Where are you now sweet lover of mine?
Who resides with you and calls you
by your new name which means ‘new life’?

Alas for me I only dream about you
but the Lord of Hosts is merciful
and I know that before my death
I shall meet you again.

In my dying sobs then
I will lie in your strong arms
and mingle my tears with
the sour smelling sweat of your strong body.

The hour is past, the night of darkness is over
and the day has taken away from me
the memory of my loss.

In prosperity I find no contentment and without you,
the snares of the world envelopes me
with their claws to scratch me of my blood.

You promised me once that you
would never leave me O dearest of my soul,
yet now here I am alone fighting
the barbs of poison that pierce my chest in the night.

The fallen angels pity me and so
they don’t torment me much, but
I still recall your tender touch dear lover,
as soft as the petals of the bright red rose.

Where are you sweet prince who resides
upon the white horse of my true love?
Where are you living your blest life
these days without me O gentle soul?

Sing your song to me once again before
the sky washes the sun away into the sea
─play your guitar to the tune of our old love
that silently echoes through the stillness of twilight.

The sage my master, the tamer of wild passions
beckons me to come into his holy channel of peace
but love knows no spirituality ─
it the religion of idol worshippers.

You are my idol my dear old lover ─
I cannot begin my day without placing
my incense joss sticks infront of your statue
that lies within the core of my being.

You have forgotten me, but my dreams
haven’t forgotten you, and so till
the dark night of the soul lasts ─
your memory shall I treasure in my heart.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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  1. Wonderful post Fiza.

  2. Kev permalink

    Surreal. 🙂

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