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#Poetry ‘Daisies & Thorns’ by Fiza Pathan

March 26, 2014

Daisies & Thorns

By Fiza Pathan




The sparrows fly away into the distance
as I open the casement of my mind
at the dawn of a new relationship.

I water the thirsty plants who raise
their leaves so green to the sun
and I stand looking at their greeting
with tears in my eyes.

The garden below
is washed wet with the gardener’s hose
and I then think of the old roads
leading towards your home.

This life like the morning sunrise is very short
while the nights are dark and long
in memory of you my beloved.

Every night at the old owl’s screeching
I think of you and I weep.

The cold night’s dew drops quench my flowers thirst
but who shall bring salvation to my broken heart?
All my poems sing only one essence –
the time when you left me behind.

Return to me dear loved one of mine
for like the grape wines stem
our lives too are entwined
in the holiest love of the cosmos –
we live in each other when we are far apart.

I pace in the garden of memories every night
remembering you and chanting
your precious name like a prayer.

All my verses are the broken sobs of my heart
which waters the old bushes of our love –
all my songs are formed into cries of curses to our god
who has kept us in exile from each other.

O my lover, the rose of my heart’s garden
don’t wither away and leave me.
I’ve left the world and all its allurements
to tend to the greenery of our fresh love.

Even if distance separates us,
you don’t need to worry my darling red rose
for I will travel over mountains and seas
if you only whisper my name to the atmosphere.

Come home one dawn to the garden of our lives dear lover
for we belong together in this world of daisies & thorns.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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