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#Poetry ‘The Song Of The Desert’ by Fiza Pathan

February 25, 2014

The Song Of The Desert

By Fiza Pathan


My heart is broken into several pieces

And before I could collect them

They scattered throughout the dry desert.

This vast wasteland is my home

With the scorpions sting and the rattle snakes fangs.

Welcome to my world dear darling of my broken heart

And make your humble abode with me.

I get pricked by the cactus

And then I cover my wound with the light brown sand.

Sing to me my lovely passion-flower

And drive away the mournful being that lives within me.

I long for your love as a desert Arab longs for an oasis.

Don’t desert me my humble one as you are my true love.

The sun meets the noon during which time

It has crossed many sand dunes

To reach a certain depth of thought

To drive away evil elements.

My drink is full of blood

And my plate contains the dead camels flesh to eat.

I am merciless in my demands

If I can’t have you then none other shall also be yours.

The serpent is near me as a rest;

It cheers me up as I cover my hand with the grains of the dusty earth.

Moan with me dearest and then together

We will dig out dead bones from the ancient sand and chew upon them

Come to the desert my intellectual lover

And then I will philosophize with you

About plaintive numbers written on the sands of time

And old wounds that reek with blood long ago.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

oasisCN_0640.jpgBy clarita


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One Comment
  1. “then I cover my wound with the light brown sand.
    Sing to me my lovely passion-flower”

    Lovely sad imagery and voice.

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