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#Poetry ‘Say That You Love Me’ by Fiza Pathan

February 24, 2014

Say That You Love Me

By Fiza Pathan


My dearest intellectual lover

Please utter softly in my ear that you love me.

That you can’t live without me

Just as the honeybee cannot exist without the beautiful flower.

I’ve been in love with your simplicity

From the moment my gaze was graced by your presence.

Now I long for your friendship

Which shall stop my heart from aching in pain.

But you show no mercy for my state of being.

I’m the moon who reflects her light from the revered Sun

Whose name starts with your letter of the alphabet.

This moon will be drawn into infinity

If her lover the Sun has no mercy on her.

Dearest intellectual lover for once leave your philosophy behind

And listen to the sound of your heart

Which will only echo the sound of my name.

Direct my steps into your hearts chamber

And I’ll spend my days in your solitude forever more.

Your eyes shine with the luminescence of a glowing star.

You have to travel a long distance

Before you reach your destination.

May I be your servant along this part of yours?

May I measure the length of your distance

And travel along with you hand in hand-one love for another love?

You do not answer my love and play with my emotions

Yet I will still pursue my downfall into the abyss of your memory.

Either let me love you dearest one,

Or let me count the heartbeats

That churn out red blood to enliven this love

Which one day you will have

For even a poor lost soul like me, the poet.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan


Image courtesy:

DSCN6004.jpgBy pippalou

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