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#Poetry ‘Love The Morning Sun’ by Fiza Pathan

February 23, 2014

Love The Morning Sun

By Fiza Pathan

jin and jang

I’m teaching the Sun to shine brightly

Through my casement every dawn

To break my slumber.

The darkness of the night petrifies me

Along with its shadow beings and shape shifters.

For its driving me round the bend to be obsessed

With the black hue of the night sky.

Living beings don’t breathe

In the death watch of the dark night.

So today I teach the solar disc a sonnet

About innocence and sublime thoughts.

Nothing affects the light as it draws away

The black raven dust from our muddy eyes.

The Sandman is my bounty giver

Who brings me much wanted sleep

Through the dark imposing evil night.

I pen my thoughts in Hebrew and then in Greek;

I then count all the verses and

Present it to the dolphin of daytime.

It giggles and chuckles

As it takes note of what I say.

Then it charges towards the horizon

To deposit my verses with the Sun god.

I cannot understand this shroud

Over the angelic moon.

I cannot comprehend why the world

Has to be filled with such evil beings.

Yet I choose the pen before the sword

To charge against this monster

Who has made his abode within my mind’s eye.

Begone terror of the night

And leave me in peace

With my books, my pen and my heart

Filled with love for the morning Sun.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan


Image courtesy:

jin and jang.jpgBy Efi

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  1. Nice choice of words..loved it 🙂

  2. “the dolphin of daytime” is a beautiful phrase. It reminds me of Byron’s take on the setting sun and sky changing hue and brilliance like the “skin” of a dying dolphin, fading gloriously and slowly. Daytime may be said to “do” the same thing visually and emotionally

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