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#Poetry ‘The Lover Remembers the Tragedy’ by Fiza Pathan

January 31, 2014

The Lover Remembers the Tragedy

By Fiza Pathan


I cannot forget this sudden tragedy-I’ll remember it forever till my twilight ends in the grave.

I’ll remember my best friend who carved out my goodwill into a piece of raw meat, which she fed to the mongrel hounds of devastation.

I will remember that my old love betrayed me, by courting with my best friend, which knowledge not forgotten, I shall remain in its trap for ages to come.

When fire rages within a loves breast-who can diminish its flame which touches the skirt of heaven?

When the chill coldness of betrayal cuts through the heart like merciless steel- who can put a balm to the gaping wound which sheds its blood as tear drops?

Friends are friends no longer, and lovers and lovers no more; therefore, why should I believe in relationships anymore, than I believe in the presence of an afterlife?

Dear life of mine, your qualities are so queer to me, and I do not approve of your merciless cruelty.

Watch and wait-love and care-pain and want-sorrow and captivity;

I wish that all these ingredients may stir in the cauldron of lost love, and may its cooking spoon be my femur.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image Courtesy : Google Images/Wikipedia (representative purpose only)

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  1. Kev permalink

    Such passion!

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