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#Poetry ‘You’ve Broken My Heart’ by Fiza Pathan

December 10, 2013

You’ve Broken My Heart

By Fiza Pathan

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So the light has passed out its flame at last,

This night is over you will never come again;

Let the ghost-like finger smoke turn my sky from black to blue

You’ve broken my heart and yet you have no clue.

I spin yarns to my spindle of relatives,

They cut my thread-like lies with golden scissors of truth

True they are-sure they are that I’m alone and you’re not around

You’ve broken my heart and run away with the pieces-without a memory to recollect, I treasure the imaginary pain of unuttered words.

Now all I do is weep and cry out tears towards my pox marked cheek,

The grooves fill up with salt water carried to the shores of red blood waters in my heart

I juggle with my feelings no more, as it is plain for all to see.

You’ve broken my heart and let its blood dry up under my skin.

Now a dried up fig towards the fruit table I lay,

Candy box empty on the dining table they wish to stay.

And contemplate old sagas of witches and warlocks, dungeons and dragons-a prince’s sweet kiss as sweet as chocolate resin.

But no more sweet tarts meet my tired eyes tonight-you’ve broken my heart and yet you have no clue.

Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: Google Images (for representative purpose only)

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  1. Could feel your pain….

  2. bharatisingha permalink

    “you’ve broken my heart and yet you have no clue.” this line is very powerful and straight from the heart.

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