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Social Media and YOU

October 24, 2013

An insight into the world of social media , its relevance and impact on our lives. Very informative and important study, made more relevant by use of infographics.

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It is no secret that we use Social Media a lot – and all this social media usage can be hard to curtail. Resisting Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other Social Media sites is harder than other urges, such as smoking, drinking, spending money, sleeping and even sex.  Posting about yourself on Social Media sites rewards the brain the same way food and sex do. Talking about ourselves or books we wrote became a tough habit to kick… Read and see more on this info graphic, created

Your Brain on Social  Media Infographic

More about Social Media:

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day
Well, maybe add a couple more minutes to these 30 minutes Social Media time, and learn about helpful programs, such as Hootsuite, Tweetadder, JustUnfollow, Manageflitter, Tweetdeck etc. to save time in order to win more time for interactions with your followers.
Read the Help Section
To take…

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  1. pareshkale permalink

    eye opening !

  2. This is absolutely true!! Good Posting!

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