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#Poetry ‘You Left Your Memory With Me’ by Fiza Pathan

September 26, 2013

You Left Your Memory With Me by Fiza Pathan


They worship the sun’s rays which burn my mind to scorch;

They blacken my face with charcoal black, to beguile the consort of a fiend.

But I know what is that has come to pass,

You have surely left me behind.

The pepper flowers you sprinkle into my sockets

So that I may taste the kindness of my sorrow;

My life now is a complete circle, of a mess of lies webbed by the spider’s spindle.

But in all my doubts one fact still written remains,

You have surely forgotten me.

Milk white churns out the curd of life from my very chest

The serpent tightens its grip of scales around my throat

Making me choke while the world tries to take the snakes fangs away

But in this despair of all hopes, it is obvious to me,

You have surely nailed my coffin for me.

Now the demons they reach for my only brain and scatter amuck delusions of pain;

They torture me now and yet again;

What use of the blooming flower without the breath of spring.

But in every poem that I shall pen I’ll remind you,

You left your memory with me to poison my today.

Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: Google Images (for representative purpose only)

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  1. I thought your poem painted a vivid picture and was beautifully ended in your last lines.>KB

  2. dereklubangakene permalink

    This is really beautiful. Love the imagery and the way the poem resonates. Love its honesty.

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