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#Poetry ‘A Known Stranger’ by Fiza Pathan

September 17, 2013

A Known Stranger by Fiza Pathan


I am not a lyricist but I do possess a pen

Its blue ink pours out words of love upon the page

Like the merchant who pours our crushed almonds on his rough mat

I am not a poetess to the world

But when my dear sonnet in human form came unto me

Since then, I’ve been strumming the chords of my heart to tantalize my senses

I heard once there was a word indicating love

But what was its form, contours, taste and smell

All of it was unknown to me

But the day you flew into this vacant bosom with the tender wings of a harmless dragonfly

Since then I’ve been all a flutter within myself

Songs have I written about rapture, tender passion and adoration

But since you followed me into my empty world

I’ve broken down the ornamental gates of my heart

Thoughts of passionate affection reels me into the fishing net of your virtues

Yet who you are I am not enlightened to that

But if you were to decorate my eyelashes with your teardrops in sparkle

Then would I nod and absorb them into me with a sob of ardour and delight

Since you have watered this weed into a white blossom of spring

Since then the monsoon’s dark clouds have abated over my dark horizon

Yet you are a mystery unto me, your whereabouts which I have not a clue

But yet if you revealed your good name at least to my thirsty desert of a mind

I will take it to my sandy depths and place my pen to paper again

In love of a known stranger


Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: Google Images



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