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An Interview with Fiza Pathan, Author of ‘CLASSICS: Why we should encourage children to read them’

July 31, 2013

My second interview, this time on The Book Reviewers & Authors Club which is maintained by R. Clint Peters, Author of the Pendergast, Ryce Dalton, and Nixon French series of adventure novels. Webmaster and blogger.
‘Although the initial purpose of The Book Reviewers Club was to put books in the hands of reviewers, it has turned into much more.

The Book Reviewers Club is now more of a clearinghouse for information about books, about the authors of those books, and about what led them to write the words they have written. It remains a reviewer’s club, but now excells in providing details of each of the club members. ‘
The ‘nothing but book reviews blog’ is now online. Authors please join the club.

The Author's Club Blog

How or why did you decide to become a writer?
I started writing fiction stories way back in 2009, mainly to convey value based messages to young readers, stories of the Christian/Moral genre. From my college days, I have had this inclination to write and as I am an avid reader of books, I too had the desire to see my own book on my bookshelf, indicating to me that dreams do come true and ideas for the betterment of the creative soul is always appreciated. I dreamed of becoming rich, famous and successful like J.K. Rowling. My own books are now on my bookshelf, but as for my dream of becoming rich, famous and successful, it has remained a dream.

What is the working title of your book?
CLASSICS: Why we should encourage children to read them

Do you have other published works?
Yes two. ‘S.O.S. Animals And Other…

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  1. Thanks for the info. Wish to read your book.

  2. I wanted to stop in and see your post and thank you for following me. I hope you continue to find it interesting.>KB

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