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Interview with Author Fiza Pathan

June 26, 2013

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Today’s interview is with author Fiza Pathan from Mumbai, India. Fiza is a History and English teacher,  who just wrote her third book – beside many poems she has published and for which she has quite a following on her blog Insaneowl.

Fiza, first of all thanks for talking with us!  What inspired you to start writing?
I started writing fiction stories way back in 2009, mainly to convey value based messages to young readers, stories of the Christian/Moral genre. Since college, I have always had this inclination to write and as I am an avid reader of books, I too had the desire to see my own book on my bookshelf, indicating to me that dreams do come true and ideas for the betterment of the creative soul is always appreciated.

How did you get the idea for your latest book?
When I observe the present…

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  1. Dear Ms. Fiza,

    Please check out We have featured you, as we are extremely impressed by your blog site.

    If you wish to add anything else to what we have displayed, please let us know.

    With best wishes,

    Indian Bestsellers team.

    • Thank you for the honour. I will try to do my best. My third book is a non-fiction book dealing with the need to encourage children to read Classics.
      This will be published through CreateSpace (an Amazon company) and will also be available as an eBook (Kindle version). The title of the book is
      ‘CLASSICS- Why we should encourage children to read them’. My earlier books are also available on Amazon and as an eBook in all formats.

      My best wishes to your team in your endeavour to promote Indian Authors and their books.


  2. Reblogged this on insaneowl and commented:

    I talk about my latest book which will soon be published and what prompted my to write it. The paperback and eBook will be available on Amazon. Fiza

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