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#Review ‘Not Only the Things That Have Happened’ by Mridula Koshy

June 20, 2013

‘Not Only the Things That Have Happened’

Reviewed by Fiza Pathan


Mridula Koshy has captivated me with her novel ‘Not Only the Things That Have Happened’. After a long time period of monotonous literature…..Koshy’s work has lighted the new wick of modern writing. Her style is subtle yet wholesome to the avid reader who like butter is churned into the lives of characters like Annakutty, Nina, Tessiebaby, Asa & the rest. While I was reading this text, I was transported into a realm of understanding beyond the set parameters of my senses. With the aid of this novel, I was able to come to terms not only with the hopeful Annakutty but also with her son Asa who has no past to dwell upon. The writing style of the author is unique & a creation of art itself where a portrait is painted with dull colours to hide from the materialistic world the sensitivity inside the heart of the story. Many social topics have been taken up by Koshy in this work which enriches the reader to a great extent. Her analysis of the workings of the human mind is excellent & in the end, many questions are left unanswered but their vagueness itself sketches for us the beauty of the masterpiece.  The characters hold the key to many questions which are answered by destiny & which make the book a revelation into the workings of our own minds……..& dreams. What I however most admired about this novel was the way ‘blind hope’ seems to overpower the writer in the first part of the novel while the second part seems to dwell on a ‘search’ which is blinder than the aforementioned……& which captivates the reader into wondering what will happen next. The plot which centers around Kerala & America has been well adapted by the author to make the reader not just read the book but ‘feel’ the book. This new & innovative creation by the writer is bound to bring up fresh literary praise in the future. I admire & am astounded  at times by the truth behind this literary masterpiece from its varied descriptions to an over mixing of dialogues which show us that as humans….we all say the same things & dream the universal story of our past, present & future together. The complex surge of vagueness in the text also allows the reader to indirectly be a sort of ‘back seat writer’ who completes the story with his or her own interpretations…..& as it is said, the author writes the book but it is indeed the reader that finishes it. I have been deeply affected by this book & I recommend this newly crafted design of words to all & sundry.


Author: Mridula Koshy

Published by : FOURTH ESTATE, New Delhi

An Imprint of  Harper Collins Publishers

Cover Price: Indian Rupees 499

ISBN: 9789350293942

Format: Demy/Hard Back

Extent: 360 Pages

Category: FICTION




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