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#Poetry ‘My Dark Fantasy’ by Fiza Pathan

June 1, 2013

My Dark Fantasy

by Fiza Pathan


We see them everywhere and we see them anywhere

But where they should be they are not,

In our mouths, saliva to melt them to sweet ecstasy.

They are lovable, amiable and darlings so soft

Which make us go round and around.

They are drooling delight

To which we froth our salivating tongue with delight,

Slobber no more for an answer,

It is confectionery that I speak of.

Come and lick with delight a chocolate cake with glee,

Its toppings are red ravishing plums

Which are dipped gently into white cream so soft.

Candy bars lay in their straw baskets full,

Wrapper upon wrapper let us excavate

In each a rum ball of luscious dark cocoa

That sweetens our teeth to a smile.

Sweetmeats upon a silvery tray with sugary jaggery as an afterthought,

A bowlful of malai pedas with a decoration of silvered kaju katli

Let me eat like a queen and roar a mighty appetite.

More cakes are brought in by loyal chefs

All bedecked with icing fresh from the fridge,

A sponge cake coated with brown chocolate liquid, have mercy!

Sugary coconut with vanilla ice cream a bowlful

To boast of some pineapple cake with extra white cream

To dip fingers to panic.

Marzipan double layered goodies all ready to taste,

Easter eggs with essence so rich that one’s eyes begin to water.

Succulent modaks made of purest milk cream

Walnut brownies which one can find

Drowned in a box full of cold fudge.

Peppermints hidden within the core of a chocolate square cube,

Dairy milk delights with honey drenched almonds

Serenading in the kitchen.

The pantry is overflowing with lemon tart

And dark chocolate tarts, all ready for a huge bite

Then delicious rasgullas wet in a can so perfect.

More and more comes the cakes,

There goes a marble cake all ready

Behind the black forest one so dainty.

The giant gulab jamuns are boiling hot

In saturated warmed sugar syrup,

Take to the spoon now gentlemen

We’ve got to have some whipped cream.

Dutch truffle pastries forming a border so barricading,

The maali kulfi with carrot straw flakes

Come have a plateful.

Candy floss is strawberry but I prefer the black berry cake piece

With a bit of warm chocolate to dine with grace.

Rasgulla malai so cold one would not suffice,

Down your belly goes the white chocolate triple layered tower

With soft light brown chocolate balls topped on its head.

Beastly help, why don’t you go on serving us?

We are going to put down all these desserts

Before this night is done with, so go on feeding.

You all have guessed right, this poor poet is on a diet.

Copyright © 2013 Fiza Pathan 

Note: malai pedas, kaju katli, modaks, rasgullas,gulab jamuns, rasgulla malai, are all Indian sweetmeats.

Image courtesy: Google images, Wikipedia


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  1. now i m hungry 😛

  2. mouth watery poem 😀 …. i tell you .. make me jog few extra miles but dont say there are rasgullas or gulab jamuns or black forest or rum balls .. I am not allowed to hog on ! 😀
    Best of luck with your diecting 😉

    • This poem for me is a tragedy……I can’t eat a thing I have mentioned 😦 😦 😥 Woe is me !!!!!

      • I know how it feels … abandoning taste buds from sweets and chocolates 😦

  3. all lip smacking delicacies

  4. Have the feeling of visited a bakery full of mouth watering cakes and sweets. Dark fantasy is now available with coffee flavour too

  5. Wow the poem is full of delicious eateries…loved it 🙂

  6. Wonderful composition…. The picture associated is too tempting……

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