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#Poetry ‘Come safely, Go safely’ by Fiza Pathan

May 31, 2013

Come safely, Go safely

by Fiza Pathan


I perceive you all around me, like the mellowing sound of the breeze

You serenade me with every word that drops from your lips

Like tiny droplets of luscious warm chocolate.

My suitor so fair you are too virtuous

For anything lesser than the most beautiful flower

Alas am I not your equal,

A witch among other things

And a hag of decadent wrath.

But if you call out to me dearest,

I will arrive before the tide draws out with your next sigh.

Your gazelle like grace paces over my heart’s interior

Like a nymph in the forest.

You are no midsummer’s night dream, but a reality

Which try as I must, I cannot look into your eyes to see.

Maybe not in handsomeness but I can compete for your affection

By my writing so dear to the soul.

Be still sweet one and let me capture your portrait in verse

Upon the papyrus of my ancient long lost emotions.

Is the poison you need to drink ever too much for your taste

Then drown me into your toxic wasteland

So that you may only receive the gain of my pain.

Ponder not on my jests so futile for true to my love,

When I see you cherished of my heart,

I really know not what should I say.

Fine words and long phrases cannot describe

The horizon beyond your ships sail,

I will weep to see you go away and pray

That the tempest of this bard’s tears will bring you back.

I juggle with my emotions, but I am certain they are here to stay

They shall be the pestilence when you are away,

The pandemic of love’s cruel fate

Which I am bound to like an anchor.

Love stories were made in the celestial sphere so does the Taoist say,

But if ever comes a time when heaven too bleats that you are wrong,

I’ll stake my very soul to the demon to state that you are gentle.

Meek young man whom many wish to seek refuge

Under the canopy of your affection,

Deign me a place at the door so that

I may always yearn to enter in anguish.

Cancer they say is the six lettered sobriquet of agony,

But for me it is a price I wish to pay for,

So that I may remain in your love even when I am gone.

You may not love my ardor and say plainly

I’m a fool to crown my own head

With the thorns of veneration to yourself.

But if ever time comes that one day you too shall prick

Your delicate fingers upon these spikes,

Be sure I’ll be there to cut my wrist to the spurs

That dared to waste your blood so dear.

What else can I say to delude you to have

A little bit of concern for my plight.

Come safely, go safely and sweeten my world

With at least one embrace before the next blood bead

Falls from my wounded spirit.

Copyright © 2013 Fiza Pathan

Image Courtesy: Google Images, Wikipedia

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  1. indrani permalink

    Nicely written.

  2. The feelings are well expressed.

  3. Your feelings are well expressed.

  4. @Fiza

    Your ballads always portray an intense range of emotions. I could see that there is a certain pattern to your presentation. You convey these range of emotions within a story or sequence that is not more than a couplet or quartet in length. And then there is a different sequence or storyline in the next couplet. It’s an interesting thing though and I like it. But I kind of felt that you might have went a bit overboard on this verse “Then drown me into your toxic wasteland”. lol. Sorry if those verses are supposed to convey something else.

    I enjoyed reading it. Keep on writing.

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