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#Poetry ‘Save Me Saviour’ by Fiza Pathan

April 29, 2013

Save Me Saviour

by Fiza Pathan

The iceberg tips, they are melting in the sun.

And the coldness of my soul, is getting warmer.

The freezing waters so dark blue is warming my heart,

It’s getting into deep waters, near a man.

At the South Pole, in the valley of blind fish and shadows.

But I am trapped like a helpless white seal.

On this desolate iceberg, so nippy and so heartless.

Surrounded by the Southern Ocean, so merciless like the Gods.

But also a tempter like the fiend,

To drown into the frigid blueness.

Some hero save me now and lead me to the glacial palace of ice,

Smoothen my hair and moisten my lips, with his touch.

Surrender me to the gelid mansion of this land of harshness.

He is the one I need, to keep me from the annual freeze.

Saviour of mine, don’t be cold-hearted.

Living in your heaven, above mortal weather clouds.

Oh miracle worker! Come down from your kingly abode.

Feel your way into the cutting sharpness of my unheated sighs.

Rescue me Saviour, hero of the lost.

Don’t be a savage, take hold of my frozen wrists.

On the back of a humped black whale come to me.

And lift me off my feet to a chilly summit.

Where my beloved abides, where my affections reside.

Don’t pass your being over me.

Be tender to me, be your loving self indeed.

The slabs are drifting, into oblivion.

You have deserted me, you have cheated me.

Demonic god of heaven,

Have you no passion left in your cold and frozen loins.

Or you are too proud to admit your weakness.

Meditate on my melting bodice, brutal man of hateful love.

Save me my wanderer, take me to my lover’s home.

Or satin my bitterness which has gone all frozen white.

Stony and heartless are all your heavenly promises.

My faith in misery is justified, I will never sink to be any God’s bride.

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