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#Poetry ‘Last Night I Drank Too Much Wine’ by Fiza Pathan

April 27, 2013

Last Night I Drank Too Much Wine

by Fiza Pathan

Last night I drank too much wine.

To not think about you, and your insane excuse.

That you couldn’t marry me now, nor ever after.

Now that your away I can refute,

I cannot believe you rejected me.

You felt I wasn’t enough.

I feel filthy like a muddy animal.

Now that I am refused.

So let me drink to my humiliated love

And satisfy myself, that the way into darkness

Is open for me at last.

I want to dive into a glass of self-despair,

And let the bubbles of the drink put me to sleep.

Then in the drunkenness of my false splendour

I’ll curse you forever and drink

Another glass of red wine.

You say you are not the type

To be saddled with me.

So now you have drowned my boat

And thus you turn your back on me.

For wrecked ships are useless to sailors or explorers

But let me make it known to you dear boy

The captain always goes down with his ship.

I’ve become a joke, a clown on the dance floor

Of the infinite cosmos of pleasure.

To suffocate myself and my infatuation with you

I will drink some more wine.

Fondness and tenderness are now ice cubes melting away

Cooling my clouded mind about what you have done.

Women don’t drink they say

But then, why do we care?

I cherished this bottle of life with you.

But now that it is empty as a desert

I’ll fill it to the brim with wine.

The best wine of our one-sided wedding.

The bartender tells me it’s time to go.

Good girls don’t stay out all alone.

Drunk and very depressed.

I’ll walk right out through this door

And fall into a sea of heartaches.

For you took away all I had

Except the will to taste one last drink.

So give me whisky, give me beer.

Put the rim of the glass to my broken lips.

They burn from the platitudes of my lovers embrace.

Now wash them clean with the froth of alcohol.

Cradle me with your charades.

Your lies are better than what he said.

Yes, I’ll drink my whole life awake,

Just like last night, when I had drunk too much wine.


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