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#inalightervein ZOMBIE TEACHER

February 6, 2013

I have turned into a zombie teacher. All I do whole day is teach, read & write….teach, read & write……..teach, read & write…………teach, read & write…….(I know, you got it)….& with my new diet & exercise routine & long shaggy hair, I’ve started to look a lot like Dracula himself with a mix of Frankenstein’s monster. I almost scared a 5th grader out of her wits when I opened the door to the tuition class today, she thought I was Hamlet………that was a real insult, I would have preferred to be called Macbeth. The next year’s board portion has changed & now instead of the play ‘As You like It’ we will be doing ‘Merchant of Venice’. My students are extremely excited because there is a mention of a pound of flesh in that play…….eegh! I am spending nights doing prep work for next year & I only get out of the damn house to go to church on Sundays. Last Sunday’s church service was way too long, some old couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I left the church in a real huff, tripping the newspaper seller on his way back from the tobacco shop. He deserved it…..the tobacco was cheap & it was making my jaundice yellow eyes water. I’ve not been out of the house since & mother is complaining that I have no date again for Valentine’s Day. When she confronted me on that topic, I informed her that Valentine’s Day this year comes in the middle of Lent which got her so annoyed that she cursed me with perpetual maternity. Younger Uncle was amused & warned me not to show myself for dinner that day……so now I’m to go without dinner on Valentine’s Day. Its 8:27 pm & it’s time for studying Merchant of Venice…..pound of flesh……

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