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Eight Eagles On The Rampage

February 5, 2013

Eight hungry and ferocious young eagles with long black beaks and sharp grey clawed feet were flying over each and every part of the surrounding land looking for some food to eat.  Suddenly one hungry brown eagle nudged one of the eagles with a white feathery head whom he called ‘Bobby” and motioned him towards a little spot below them with lush green trees and a tiny little pond.


“Good brother eagle, this shall be our new home”.


“But ‘Bobby’ said one of the brother eagles, “The place seems to be occupied by snowy white doves”, and indeed…there were a few little doves occupying the land below them.


“So what”, said the determined Bobby, “We will take the place by force; finders keepers losers weepers – lets go!”


And the eight eagles charged on headlong, the poor little doves had nowhere to run.  The eagles bit them, chased them, tore their beautiful white feathers off them and clawed them with their merciless sharp claws.  The little white doves were five in number, they cried and ‘cooed’ loudly for help – and their call was heard by their mistress who also lived in that very spot up on the old oak trees.  She was not a dove but a beautiful girl with lovely black eyes and dressed in a white long robe.  When she came running to save her little brood, the eagles looked at one another slyly and said:


“Lets finish her off too, then the doves will have no one to care for them so, they will leave the land”.


And at once they started to claw the tiny little girl in white……they ripped her clothes and drew out her blood.  But then, suddenly….the eagles heard a thundering sound — a sound of running hooves and legs …….the sound of howling wolves, hyenas and dogs, the sound of screeching birds and roaring lions and tigers and the trumpeting of many elephants…..and all these animals crammed themselves into the spot, where the little girl lay bleeding and crying.  The eagles were afraid as they saw the many wild animals.  Then one wise elephant looked towards the eagles and said:


“Here…..we have left the entire forest and our homes for you eight eagles to enjoy… take refuge there, but leave this spot.  We will not mind living here crammed in this spot for the rest of our days, but we beg of you…do not harm this little girl…for …..she is the provider of all our needs …and maybe …..even yours.”



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