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January 28, 2013


My Mom & Dad: my best friends?………IMPOSSIBLE, scream I from the recesses of

my thoughts as a whirlpool of orders & regulations rush through my consciousness :

“Don’t stay out late”

“Don’t come home early from Church”

“Don’t talk to strangers”

“Don’t ignore your Professors”

“Go to college everyday”

“Don’t eat this”

“Don’t drink that”

“Don’t talk too much”

“Don’t party all night”

“Come home before dark”

“Wake up by 7 o’clock”

“Go to bed by 10 o’clock”

“Don’t waste time on Facebook”

“Study for three hours every day”

“Don’t slouch”

“Don’t abuse”

“Don’t mock”

“Don’t put that rock video on full blast”

“Don’t grow your hair long”

“Don’t get a tattoo”

“Don’t back chat elders”.

DON’T —— DON’T—— DON’T-— it will never work out.

I think to myself, a Mother & Father can never be a friend, let alone a ‘best friend’ to any youth especially not a teenager.  But let’s back track and ask ourselves then, what is or who is a best friend’? And we come to the conclusive solutions that

“A best friend never lets you down”

“Supports you when things go wrong”

“Is always there for you through thick & thin”

“Is never too busy to talk to you”.

“Who trusts you like no one else”

“Who laughs when you laugh”

“Who cries when you cry”

“Who takes away the dark clouds that haunt your day”

“Who reminds you how ‘cool’ you are”

“Who helps you with everything”

“Who gets you out of trouble”

“Who never lets you get into trouble”

“Who loves you”

“Who cares for you”

“Who wants the best for you”

“Who loves you – as you are”.

……And doesn’t this describe what every Parent is to a child. Whether a child is tall – short – chubby or skinny – a parent doesn’t see the difference.  Whether a child is a drug addict or an addict to pornography – a parent continues to care.  Whether a child party’s out late at night keeping the parents at home worried – a parent never gives up hope.  Whether a child abuses, mocks or even steals – a parent trusts that one day that child will change.  Whether a child is depressed, lost in love or isolated – a parent reminds a child always that ‘hey you’re cool to me’.  Whether a child gives up on life or loses all hope – a parent never loses the child.  WHETHER A CHILD HATES WITHOUT MEASURE …. A parent gives back LOVE without measure.  This is because just like a best friend, a parent cares & at times cares blindly —– & yet most of us can’t say that our parents are our best friends.

So, let’s take the cue, even if we don’t consider our parents as our best friends…..parents from the dawn of humanity have always been best friends to their child….it’s history…it’s a fact, oh!& yes….it’s love!


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