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#inalightervein DEAD RAT DINNER……………………………………………………

January 28, 2013

A dead rat was allegedly found in the dinner served to students of a government residential school in Hardauli village in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. The saddest part of this news was that Younger Uncle was reading it to me, while I was eating lunch……it extinguished my appetite for more fish but it induced Elder Uncle to pray for the soul of the dead rat. Tuitions are going on in full swing but none of the students wanted to hear the fatal story of the poor dead rat. They said it would never allow them to eat dinner if I went on about it, which I obviously did with all the dramatic emotion of a satirist. The non vegetarians were not as badly affected as the vegetarian students. This is not a unique phenomenon, it always happens. For instance, last year we went for an engagement party with a vegetarian couple as well as a non veg bachelor. We were the fortunate ones to have found a white lizard in the malai ras gulla. The vegetarian couple vomited the whole way back to Bandra while the non veg bachelor stayed back at the venue along with Younger Uncle to devour the dessert. The exams are nearing close along with the science exhibition therefore, tension levels are as usual escalating. One half of the 6th graders are making a volcano while the other half are making a petroleum plant as well as a thermal plant (industry for those of you who have not been taught Geography well enough by your well qualified & highly experienced teachers) ; sadly, the volcano erupted its gunk onto the thermal plant which in turn was robbed by Jack my pet monkey. Now after dinner I will have to make a chart about the male reproductive system for the 9th graders……what a wonderful way to end the day !

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