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#inalightervein AMBULANCE Vs TRUCK

January 22, 2013

Five persons accompanying a patient in an ambulance were killed when it collided with a truck in Nadia district, the police said.
The patient, however, escaped unhurt. 
That’s just the trouble with the world today, everything is going all wrong……including Trigonometry equations (according to my students & I do not teach trigonometry) ; Now take for instance my fever…..everyone thought that Younger Uncle was going to get the fever because he had a bath in cold water & also because he had two banana splits on Friday……what happened ???? I WHO AM ON A FREAKING DIET GETS THE FEVER & YOUNGER UNCLE SITS BACK & WATCHES A DOCUMENTARY ON TWILIGHT (errrr) ; its not fair I tell you, nothing is fair these days, not even the prices of vintage books. Well, there was another ambulance accident today in Bandra & it was all thanks to a pregnant black cat. I was crossing the street with mother while returning back from the doctors when….bam ! an ambulance almost ran over my legs….reason, a black cat crossed the drivers path……mother was really sore & there was a huge embarrassing fight between the ambulance driver & mother in the middle of the road. My mother cursed the driver’s grandmother while the driver cursed my mother’s mother-in-law, which did not affect her really adversely. During that time I took a good look at the black cat who was very conscious of being the topic of discussion. She was pregnant alright, I bet seven kittens will be scattered all around John the Baptist road really soon. Mother is still really sore about that ambulance driver & is spending her time haggling all of us about getting his driving license cancelled. Younger Uncle is unconcerned, he is more worried about a truck parked outside our building….he feels its terrorists while I feel its the C.I.D but Younger Aunt takes the cake……she feels its U.F.O’s studying the lives of normal people……they have sure chosen the wrong family to study !

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