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Death comes at the end…

December 20, 2012

DEATH COMES AT THE END…………………..& that is the new anthem of Younger Uncle today. Before he left for work, he drilled this anthem into everyone’s head including mine while I was busy feeding the wounded eagle which we found in the morning. I think Younger Uncle has been reading too many Agatha Christie books or he has got a church doomsday overdose. Whatever it may be, he has scared the living daylights out of mother that she does not want me to step out of the house…..unless I am feeding the eagle……or the bats……..or the rats………or the toads………or the centipedes……….or………..let me not get into this now when death is the main topic of discussion. The stray dogs of our area have gone berserk & were found last night (by me) molesting a little black & brown kitten ; being an alert citizen of India, I immediately threw chilli powder on the vagabond hounds &………..they dusted their eyes & continued to haggle the poor kitten (guess the chilli powder was of cheap quality, must get MDH next time)……..well then I took action into my own hands & started haggling the dogs till they ran for their lives not only from the lane but from the neighbourhood. The kitten is rescued & in the hands of certain animal lovers who trust my sanity unlike my family. Someone should take some stringent action against wild dogs according to me…….especially at night when they seem to lose all their reason. I must contact the concerned officials, they say barking dogs seldom bite but, I think its high time we stop going by the book. I have already started to alert all cat lovers to guide their felines towards higher forms of ninja techniques of bashing & smashing. I’ve even alerted the ‘pleasant’ dogs I know of to protect themselves & their catty feline friends from mongrel mob activity. Lets make Bandra a safer place for our felines.

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